gakhan, denna [tem] – Again darkness creeps east

Author: gakhan, denna [tem]
Name: Again darkness creeps east

Song Lyrics

Again creeps Darkness from the East,
Again, do not live in peace.
The enemy is insidious, evil and cruel,
The world wants to subordinate itself all.

I otroyu old sword family,
What my grandfather buried in nettles,
And let the Hobbit I am not very strong,
But fearless and smart aleck.

Yes, we are a peaceful people and not evil,
But we better not wake the beast,
Since in this situation
Can we kill someone.

Not afraid of a ghost to me Upokoisch,
I quiver elven arrows.
Hobbits dangerous to bother
Fells even in darkness, as long as intact.

And let's neighbors condemn,
They say I'm a maniac and lunatic,
Angry Olmer world threatens
So I wanted to sneeze on them.

What have I done to Frodo and Sam?
The same can administer feats,
To cope with the problem
And the enemy decided to do a dagger.

We lived in the First Age -
Elves would not have busied themselves with the enemy!
Melkor would have been very bad,
We'd just taken out of it!

But do not even know myself Perumov,
That was quite a short time,
I picked up in the country of the noise
And all hazgov drove east.

Unfolded underground movement -
That is guerrilla warfare.
I do not like is the Middle-earth,
Quickly I place all the faithful.

Well, if someone else will be solved
Continued to write again,
I to it have to be filled up,
And then he nesdobrovat.
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