galina kareva – Kupletы Ziʙelja Gounod "Faust"

Author: galina kareva
Name: Kupletы Ziʙelja Gounod "Faust"

Song Lyrics


Tell her, my flowers,
how to suffer, grieve,
that her only love me,
I dream about her always one.
You whisper in secret, whisper it
about my sighing
and about my suffering,
let everything she knows, my love.

(Rip Off Flower and throws it in disgust.)

Poblёk too! Alas! That damn windbag
so tell me then.

(Rip Off another flower, which also fades.)

I can not break the flower, that once he does not wilted.
Holy water to wash my hands should be.
It prays to the Creator every day Margarita!
Let us now see, something will.

(Suitable for a vessel of holy water, plunges into his hands, then quickly plucks flowers.)

Again wilted? No! The villain, you are defeated!
Oh, you tell her, my flowers,
that her only love me,
I love that I'm burning,
and I do not dare to say what I like.
If the railway to the sweet lips, his mouth
podnesёt it you suddenly,
my hot kiss
you pass it, you pass it!
Kiss my hot!
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