Godfrey – Nodes on the nerves.

Author: Godfrey
Name: Nodes on the nerves.

Song Lyrics

Morning. Bell broke the silence.
World cursing, get out of bed.
And half asleep clinging to the peephole,
I see you in the doorway, confused.
The door opens, asking why
Holding in the hands of the damn suitcase.
Be in fact can not, in order to permanently
You left me somewhere.
Ask me terribly, but I said:
"Yulik, where are you, pray tell?"
"There remain have no strength,
Everything I loved, at the bottom of the slope.
Maybe I will change Moscow ... "
"I've changed you, I was there!
Would you say that your words - lies
Along with your honest opinion?
Are you saying that the time to forget,
How extravagant July night
You ran with kisses
And break all taboos to shreds? "
"No, I did not forget, did not lie. Alas,
Finish reached a dead end, more precisely.
I hate the lights of Moscow,
But in St. Petersburg is now darker. "
Where is all the love? Look into runoff
There, among the mud lies in injuries.
Everything, as always: I'm lonely,
You - there, where you do not meet exactly.
They sailed forth we flow days
But the origins of the vessel washed ashore.

Maybe others you warmer,
But that's just me with you comfortably.
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