GreeN[DryLife inc.] – My drug pashtetbattl Round 5 vs denalm

Author: GreeN[DryLife inc.]
Name: My drug pashtetbattl Round 5 vs denalm

Song Lyrics

I got to
to the full blow in
and do not need anything
moreover it is possible to blow

you enrage me shkolota Ponte
you throw back and forth
You can not do anything except homit
and then behind pissing in the eye to say
but I denalm you all poreshat
tired because your school show-off
and I walk with my every move
and you will be so fucking small
none of you but I'm an adult and bitching
I smell it every day for money to pay
I also take part in Battle where a guy in a pair
before recording luck snuff longer necessary
then I go to the studio to show what I am cool
Share on full because I at any class
throw in the mix to show what I am cool
and repostnu on the wall to show what I am cool

I can not pin all
I clearly say
but one thing is clear to me
Why repeat the words

part 2
It becomes suspicious once
I paired again doubtful uncle
and straight after fucking true
wheezing in the mike as if pushed in the glands
a! that for a nugget
you are not going above your desk ceiling
forget here about the huskies and hundreds of feats
I left you in the fifth litter mate
Catch intonation not read monotonously
Since you quite enough for us baritone
Sushi oars then your stop
I fucking call me a hero is in charge of the year
Again on older mouth open
(I'm sorry), but I will say the truth
(You) do not have enough brains
(To) to take us to the assault

Concerts performances tops
Your goal is to establish at least likely man
Chains fasten and run in the car
Nooo dreams lay on the bottom
You ruled that one is expected
You're relaxed listening to shit that I wrote
This track is a leap into the heavens you burned at the stake
My way to the end
I sold a judge (you) do not have to underestimate
My dreams for the final flurry of catch techniques
(And no baritone) Left tone but I'm fine ham
(Opponent chameleon merged and disappeared
I'll stomp you till the end)
hey mate finish it
I chips God

please kindly follow me all
I'll take Battle is my long time goal
 I understand that you catch the third verse
into your ears next dose words fly
you are invisible because for me somewhere behind
it's your consider you I never get ahead
not repost the track to the wall after win vryatli
do not tell anyone that flew in the fifth
I have dablraymy plus the entire sense is
in the squares you all trite time to slip away here
I shall prompt what to expect you imagine that squander
and be unhappy with the refereeing they say you are on the steeper bits
tired of reading about what I'm doing sucks
but sit and wait a little time, let
I dove into it all with a head
so deep that his feet are taken away

evil uncle
yelling at all
but navryatli
I will overcome
my voice
It flies in the ears
very simple
without straining
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