Greka – Bay, but listen

Author: Greka
Name: Bay, but listen

Song Lyrics

Family quarrels are not the only one (no less), they blow in a circle,
Moves your route, happiness lease ailment,
My anniversary event, with blood on their hands, to pay for services.
The client, which as usual for the bill become a friend.
Beside himself with fear, under the block there, tell me the truth,
But I, with its collapse, not in ahue.Sud for me as backgammon.
Board without a king, which I also nirazu not hesitated,
And the argument was to the wall zheleznoy.Peshkoy pawn.

In a short time, and the fear will disappear.
Guilty of death, again on a clean sheet.
But skazhdym time looking in the mirror faded in my soul,
Fix the fate not give a chance.
In a short time, and the fear will disappear.
Their sacrifice will cease to visit me in my dreams.

Thanks to my freedom for a hundred more than scum.
The law-abiding world, I became a centurion dirt.
Justifying whose sins over and over again.
I destroyed the harmony and peace around like a metastasis.
To the best of its kind to become a book I read a post.
Laws for me to forgive them a little, I vnih Small King.
My soul is cheaper and blacker than my tuxedo.
Pockets filled, okay, the money my cereal doping.

But like so it was not so.
The jury for the hundredth time was sold out.
And to justify the next killer leave the hall.
But proving the innocence gada.Sebe I just proved ..
I became a jackal me descend dogs.
Conscience in the trunk and closed the scoring it on the bolt.
But from the depths of the cold voice of the mist reaches into the soul.
Again, hit me, hit me, hit me, hit, but look ...

For a long time I have scored in the depths of not listening to the protests.
Alone with him are now afraid to go out of the clinch.
By asking for help, loot has long been a context.
Your tie crushes the neck like a noose already Lynch.
Calling you by the party, yes starina.Plati bank transfer.
Keep your word by the court that made the carnival.
The only thought poisons the mind let day after day.
I opravdal.A hundred assassins who justify me?

Dopit DzhekDeniels, empty cigarette case.
And a cruel punishment play a lawyer drunken stupor.
Knowing what a jury out there waiting for him,
He shoved the barrel without hesitation to his lying mouth .....
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