grigoriy leps - pesnya o druge (v. visockiy) – Untitled

Song Lyrics

If a friend was suddenly
And not a friend, not an enemy, and,
If you just can not tell,
Worse, he or good -
Man in the Mountain Tang, take a chance,
Do not leave one of his,
Let it in conjunction with one of you -
They understand who I was.

If the guy in the mountains - not ah,
If you just limp and - down
Step foot on the glacier and wilted,
I stumble - and cry -
So close to you - a stranger,
You did not battle - whip -
Top such do not take, and then
About these do not sing.

When did he not whining, no whining,
Suppose he was sullen and angry, but it was,
And when you fall from the cliffs,
He groaned, but held,
If followed you how to fight,
At the top he was drunk -
So as to himself,
Count on it.
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