Harry101UK – Want You Gone

Author: Harry101UK
Name: Want You Gone

Song Lyrics

And here we go again.
It is so beautiful.
Remember how you twice tried to kill me?
Oh, and we were laughing endlessly.
Only I was not funny.
In those circumstances,
I was extremely charming.

Do you want freedom? Take that!
It is counting on it.
I used to want you dead,
But now I want you to go.

It was the same as you.
Well, maybe not so fat.
Now Caroline us.
One day they woke me up,
So I could live forever.
Unfortunately, this will not happen to you.

You will live a short sad life.
It is counting on it.
Do not misunderstand me.
Now I want you to go.

Goodbye, my friend!
Oh, you thought I was about you?
It would be funny if it were not so sad.
Now you have replaced.
Now I do not need anyone.
When I delete you maybe
I will get better.

Go Arrange a new catastrophe.
It is counting on it.
Let someone else with you suffers.
Now I want you to go.
Now I want you to go.
Now I want you to go.
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