hastler A-Ready x emil – Do not try

Author: hastler A-Ready x emil
Name: Do not try

Song Lyrics

Again, I stand at the jersey to make a mess,
Prevdo-rappers frightening aggression,
My style is at the level it infuriates you, man
These rhymes, we'll just put him on the spot, you understand, boy?
Repeat after me, that "Kwality taxis, this stuff like polyube your Yule".
Rhymes fly exactly like a machine gun bullets,
Write to criticism, kid, we just spit on it
Do not try to prevent it, is not brought to the good,
After all, we are the same evil as Ingres berds on my iPod,
Such as we are - a little like you - hundreds,
After my flow, ol mi, you're exempt,
I find rhymes, nigga, like the Old muff,
Fucked in the real world, if I Chikatilo,
Want to test it? Call me on beef,
Zero percent of a hundred, you'll stay alive!
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