Hay-S – I 2104

Author: Hay-S
Name: I 2104

Song Lyrics

You know that Hay-s production ...
-Allё, Dad?
Listen, I've got the car will not start again ...
Yeah Jam you to your car! Look, fuck ... Fuck nu ..., all the blood sucked!
Yes to me, I got to do with?

With 65 minutes of the film, open, titles
I got up from my chair and stuck on the wall
The heroine of the main bitch threw a guy
Like me when the one pussy
Do not corral now my motto in life
The phone numbers of heifers I have thousands
And only one, favorite, under the window.
Beautiful, on winter tires Deviatiny
I do not hang skirts, spoilers, bumpers,
Even garbage know my numbers
I circulated only Muzychko and then a little bit
To ask questions, and much is to what?
From silver bass, ninth in a row
Trembling torpedo even a Land Srusera Prado
A lot of mate came from the windows of the houses,
When I passed by, including a full

Chorus (2 times)
I have a 2109, you understand me, if you are in the topic
Deer in the ditch, is a locomotive for the kids,
A Kruzak and all garbage for old people

True friend best friend wrong
Perhaps no one understands each other
Behind the wheel of a round, if a table for the president,
From the speakers comes the rap from the ghetto
Around four places for people close
In outdoor advertising weekly body clean
Know all areas, know all the houses
She also knows all, from where it goes
Rooms And 5 two HC 00,
Watermelon as casting and know not soft,
Fuck it is necessary, but I will climb any curb,
And then Shmarov will not run away
Come in for a moment, we will not offend,
After toning you no one will see,
Where it is necessary to take probably us along the way
Just come home, I'll come, dear

Chorus (2 times)

I bought it in 2008, then did not pursue,
Not for fashion, not for anything else,
Parents are advised to take the tithe,
And my heart was already in Deviatiny
As there is already a bit. Just in case,
And in the glove compartment of Volyn, let's solve the Th?
I do not have it in hundreds of horses,
But it was visited by more than a hundred whores,
In summer, it's hot in the cold cold,
And often after washing, froze window
Well okontsovke dream of every boy,
I do it all the lads, it hangs up in the morning
The best machine for parties is not present,
These Deviatiny directly from Russian Ghetto
Matter of meters, I'm in it to the center,
Here are just a bitch begins to blunt the injector

Chorus (2 times)

Allyl, Mom?
What, Kirill?
Th Yes, I've got the car would not start again,
and dad always yelled at me.
Che chtoli such a bad car?
-Kirill, But for the most kids.
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