Hellsing | hellsing – We are major in the Russian

Author: Hellsing | hellsing
Name: We are major in the Russian

Song Lyrics

Lord, I love war.
Lord, I love war. Lord, I love war! I love the genocide, I like a blitzkrieg, like to attack, I love defense, I love the siege, I like breakouts, I like to retreat, I love strippers, love to defeat! In the fields, on the streets, in the trenches, on the plains, in the tundra, in the desert, the sea, in the sky, in the mud in the swamp!

I truly love all kinds of war, which can be arranged on this planet! I like the deafening roar of artillery, the fracturing of the enemy to pieces; when the enemy's body fly up into the air, and then small pieces piled on the ground - my heart sings! I love it when our "Tiger", with its 88-millimeter gun, converge with the enemy tanks. What a nice feeling when they jump out of the tank to die under fire!

I love it when the infantry rushes on the enemy ranks in a bayonet charge; I kind of touched recruits, frightened to poke bayonets again and again into the body of long-dead enemy. A view of a deserter hanged on a pole is a strange excitement. And what a delightful squeal as enemy prisoners of war, in unison with the squealing machine gun, which I mow them! This pathetic "resistance" that fought with us in the days of our glory, although the soldiers were armed with disgusting? I even remember how shrapnel shell from "Dora", weighing 4.8 tons, demolished their town!

I love it when Russian soldiers panic. When the village, which they defended was razruschena, and women and children are raped several times as they were upset ... I recall with pleasure, as the British and American armies were broken and destroyed. As they fled shamefully, crawling on the ground, like a miserable worms, driven by our "Messer"!

Lord, I want to see a hell of a war! Lord compatriots battalion fighters, my followers ... Gentlemen, what do you want? You will also want a war? You want a ruthless, bloodthirsty war? Do you want to fight, that would make smashing iron and deadly flames destroy all creation?
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