Homie pomnyu to leto – # # VSESVOI DUSHEVNYYREP # 2

Author: Homie pomnyu to leto

Song Lyrics

was love thee, I smoke all the pain killing
Some sit at night, between us there is no network
"Do not call and do not write" whispers heart in the chest
not that I asked you to keep within no strength
sorry .. for the fact that did not meet these words
love .. from thin filaments do not tie knots
and threw you ..
we will never be loved each other
I remember that summer, I remember my hands shaking
Patched heart has always been broken inside
we are weightless, it all became my dream
three words, and we catch the cosmos, but desires
They killed all the stars, carefree and just
so cute, you're shorter, my favorite teen
.. I remember your eyes are brown, brown
and white hair, but not dripping drops
tears caressing your soft cheeks
I so miss you, I need more
.. you want to go back there again
where my mistakes led to lose
to improve, to become your ideal
as you are mine, do not swallow the smoke
do not write these songs, not to please the pain others
without you I'm dying understand
Sorry about the space that I gave them all
Sorry for the stars, they are forever yours
hundreds of times I fell with them erased numbers and still called
but everything is only one answer, I do not want to talk, because the track without the mat
honestly I stood under the door at night because he was afraid to go
and pain when I saw you in a wheelbarrow with another decayed into atoms
first six months of paradise, the latter began to hell
I shouted burns you, but you are cold even when you're around

south pole inside the right train, leave
Once you interfere, only you only you

our ways, without your phone calls subsided
even love, drank ?, Well, let's repeat?

not afraid that the heart will fly on the reef
again another mother, but do not care, go away

shouting "do not come back"
but tired feet ..
a hundred times to say goodbye and forgive all

touch me, feel the fire
I dreamed I ask, if you wish sweet dreams
at least for once, until I had forgotten how to remember
at least every night, until feelings are not broken
until the end, we stand on a thin thread
until the end, do not let go, and do not tear
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