iosif brodskiy – Season winter

Author: iosif brodskiy
Name: Season winter

Song Lyrics

Time of year - winter. At the boundaries of mind. Dreams
     filled with something married as sticky jam.
     And the forefather of eyes watching shivering spinners,
     vain triumphant victory over schuchim Velenje.

     Pop the ground tail, and in the frosty December's gloom
     you will see their naked shame OPRICH -
     crescent moon floats in a dusty windowpane
     crosses over Moscow as dashing victory of Islam.

     Domes that head, and spiers - that lifted her feet.
     As for the death threshold, where the meeting will assign each other,
     where from the belly idol, cooling towers, the Kremlin, synagogues,
     where you yourself are good with its minaret standing.

     Not kupis on bass, do not Tear on deaf fistula.
     Kohl is not the power of vile, we ourselves busting themselves.
     Fasten the toothed jaws. For if on the table,
     what does it matter - to make a mistake by hook or by sea.
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