irina zaychiha – Lucina.

Author: irina zaychiha
Name: Lucina.

Song Lyrics

1 Red Sun in the parlor,
Yes, sadly the girl,
Turtledoves would turn,
By Jasna falcon back.
Only the tower on the clasp,
Oh yes I cry all a night,
Tomorrow the aisle with disfavor,
Unloved so hateful.

White Rechenka black network
Pulled down, my darling - the wind
Crying, my evil fate knows.
Lucino day burns.

2. Father I promise in marriage
For pearls of gold but,
And I used to drink volyushki,
With a clear falcon goodbye.
And at the heart of the pain deaf
Oh, dolyushka dashing,
Prompt, where to find strength
Forget all that cute.
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