jeka ras tu (kto tam?) – We loved (Olyunya: * nefіg Música in mene tiryati)

Author: jeka ras tu (kto tam?)
Name: We loved (Olyunya: * nefіg Música in mene tiryati)

Song Lyrics

Ah, die snow on my hand
Die in the memory even bothered
Here it sweeps the yard with snow
You will notice the heart is burned
And a bunch of words on the phone will come to "no" for the sake of Mouzon
Smile will be the background,
You're here on the photo if we die from a single cartridge
Soon spring means hurt me
Well, you found and stand on against
Tyzh promised to be when enters
So I feel like I'm scared limit
With the sky falling stars
I've prepared you burn out and collapse to the ground
But once again come up with cases in the pursuit of money
All Huet I just want to be a bride on your wedding
Ukroyut snowfall
And the smoke will return the remains to the violent tired eyes
The second day is not breathing
Or remnants of the past Dost to bottom
I've been smoke while you are not tied

We quickly ran out so after a little longer could
Year carry forward our crazy life
And we dragged the water is drained from the oparatov
We live in it is high time to put things in order
We live on something as something lacking
We need a thrill in life what would we cling Bazaar
You must be able to bring themselves to understand that
Why we are here and why we're leaving
I knew the couple, the couple brought, told the couple!
I understand that your eyes can fuck!
And so porshivo with all this, but the big ...
that would be to forgive each other for so fake!
Come if you want to kiss kiss
Come love me
Love not only in this fucking bed
And I'm tired and it's time to change Zheke grow
And I'm writing for the fact that I love only in verse

Smoke cigarettes with me, you do not have
This time proebanoe laughable
And we loved and not just fucking with you
But it no longer brings joy

When the shaking does not matter what the output pounding morning
For the sake of her presence of water the bed I am ready for all
Ready to throw smoke and all, even
Her cheeks were wet you're not with me I've got smears
I'll drugs in the hands of
And I think that it's OK
And the I Love You and Neha is not commendable
I know you do not forgive
But you yourself went
Nahuas And you just came into my life
I'm scared to know you
Doctors erase memory
Here I give you a free can melt
Change the heart of the soul but the joy of return
I do not want to suffer and feel all this shame
Stop! Turn around! See more races in my direction
Give me the belief that we equally telepaet
What do not you fuck ..
But you are silent, and God knows who you are now flies

You know, I like that feeling dimly believed these
You know, maybe the time will not cure heart
And you and I are not the same after almost 5 years
And we have long been replaced by those with whom woke up together
Immunity to love brought me to the top
There we do not have it there and I remember it in the park
I remember a movie, I remember the dawn, I remember calls and breakfast
What is wrong in my heart right now
You sleep with the other, I just
Bluzhayu past snowy days
Nick snowing ..
In the spacious restaurant you are the center, and I'm busy
Come and spun razobёmsya on bed
Breaking all that was said here before us
Do you dream of dreams, or rather the image that remained
My old room remembers
New is now too busy
Leaving pameti letters in the form of texts in notebooks
It is time to put an end, you know, and I put ...

Smoke cigarettes with me, you do not have
This time proebanoe laughable
And we loved and not just fucking with you
But it no longer brings joy
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