jizn govno – Clear sky

Author: jizn govno
Name: Clear sky

Song Lyrics

The taste of blood .., arm of whining, the three of us,
In the fourth of a quad has long howling wolves.
Behind the Red Forest, in the soul of a demon,
Risen fear from the dead silence of this place.
In the endurance test. adrenaline surge.
Geiger - echo in the brain gives the crackling,
In the eyes of all the dark ... there is dark around!
There can be no release of this! We run more !!!

(Fast withdrawal!)
Cold sweat beats (jogging platoon!)
the wind picks up pieces of land in the eye (all stop!).
But the two are stuck in postural abnormalities.
Less than a second - two bodies, I barely survived ...
Now there are three minutes to find shelter,
I remember a kilometer away we saw the factory,
apparently zone does not let the audience so close.
But Monolith draws to itself all the new visitors ...

Go through the pain, to wait for me ...
When the rain dies down ... to see a clear sky ...

Sky in convulsions, Squaw downpour I am torn.
Jitteriness metal, the taste is not chustvuya pulse,
The onslaught of the artifact is the time for Fartagh,
Reach me to live with this start.
Shopkeepers was not a reptile, leaving only the map
I climb back into the mouth to elekromagnitnym quanta
Again, these creatures, they will only give,
And so it turned into a necropolis of the Klondike.
Lousy denёk to die for the sake of money.
Rengenom hammer on genes
Zone melting skull (sheer area).
The turn has reached and muscles jerk on a hill
Vtumane, mani, the remains of the feast see
The first completely torn to pieces, the second legless,
Obviously handmade walking pathologies.
The miserable ammunition, glazed face,
I Dive pockets now without pritsypov.
Through the prism of mist probivaetsya sun
What's in them, but vodka is good from strontium.
A knock-type (special forces?), And my AK is not charged ...
Damn you reflected a, but I'm the stalker with the experience!
It's not hard to hit the jackpot in the second,
Standing, dragging out his pocket knife, passing shot.
... I do not remember, but he was, or was not ...
... I always wanted to see the sky ...

Go through the pain, to wait for me ...
When the rain dies down ... to see a clear sky ...
Go through the pain, to wait for me ...
When the rain dies down ... to see a clear sky ...
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