K1NG DREW – Now only a matter of fact [Seed_Battle_r4] [Sky-Project]

Author: K1NG DREW
Name: Now only a matter of fact [Seed_Battle_r4] [Sky-Project]

Song Lyrics

survival game, only now essentially
Listen to this track and players give in,
I will try to be the best, just say the fifth,
My rap abruptly you will be crucified here !!!
1) Now just a matter of fact, I'm in the fifth,
I punch shoot you like a cigarette drunk
I dolblyu in micro well, and you're just the bricks,
Your idol R-Chie, look for the fifth corner,
Your soul is dead and crippled the mind,
Drew vynesesh Dikeya you? Yes of course!
I do pawn move, run faster not tarry,
Come without ridicule, you are an eagle or tails?
You are the source of contamination of hip-hop Dickey,
After all, you you you a wild gay
Ruble rap from the heart, and you just wood,
Nerves on edge, full cup of patience !!!
2) cause you to Battle it
  Street Fight,
In order to get around you, fuck I need dabltaym,
I have to win, now only a matter of fact,
Convert with hip-hop, I pop you in the [J]
This is my chance, I was worthy of victory,
If you can not rhyme, teach my verses,
Glagolnorifmuyuschy rapper Dickey, you will love to pass in the fifth,
They closed the door for you, and I shovel Protection !!!
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