Katrin Mokko – And you know how it hurts.

Author: Katrin Mokko
Name: And you know how it hurts.

Song Lyrics

And you know how it hurts to sit in different corners
I'm happy, I'm not happy, to give meaning to the words
Such a strange feeling, you hit where it hurts
It is not necessary, it is not necessary, but I will not give you
If the heart of winter rush
I will never give you away to somebody
Well, you just promise

Promise not to hurt
It hurts me, promise, promise
I reach for the sun, and you get up
Not to hurt promise
Not to hurt, it hurts me
Promise, promise, I reach for the sun
And you get up, do not hurt promise

Do you remember how it was, I even remember the number
And I had a dream today that you go without words
Forget about the world of boomerangs and release new fear
Blinded from the remnants of a dream, and all we get
I will never betray
All that was left there
It's in the past, do you promise
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