Two wings
In our eyes, paris, I fly you fly
And I love you, listen to me baby, ...
I evaporate, run away,
I fly away like a bird. ...
I so miss you !!!
 Why do not we with you not to relax, ...
My tears
Just be one for me
Those who do so I need. ...
I do not need much.
I need you to just close was. ...
Nothing is stronger than love
Too often, the stars are extinguished,
Falling from the sky, everything has its end. ...
she is
It's simple and not cruel,
Not looking for a prince or a king ...
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Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Tanya !!!!!!!! Today's birthday, I want to wish happiness, success, joy, success, healthy have trouble do not know! Obstacles in life a
Happy Birthday!
Dear Katya! We wish you a happy birthday, and we give you this wonderful poem!
Listen! If the stars shine ...
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