knyaZz [lyubov negodyaya | 2005] – Mugger

Author: knyaZz [lyubov negodyaya | 2005]
Name: Mugger

Song Lyrics

Oh, monkey, how much can you build me eyes?
What charms are created in your head?
I'm watching you, eyes,
And I am capable of hell for a lot right now.

Well, that was over a bottle of red wine,
There was a second, look for a place to hide it.
Can I have a little bit about yourself in a few words to say,
Remember, baby, I'm cool, I find it difficult to refuse. Oh yeah!

A dog barked outside the window, he was pleased to be friends with me,
And in that moment you decided to offer me dinner,
And curiously stared at me the moon,
And your servant, for you and me roasted wild boar.

You appeared before me in my evening dress,
And I found another bottle under the bed,
Boar fleshy, but, alas, a little harsh
And this of course drunk your servant's fault. I'll show him!

Finished dinner, I fed tightly but damn angry,
Servant-hardened idler brought my coat,
But your brown eyes to comfort me,
The servant bowed faded, not having received the belt.

Come on, baby, I cried out, take me to bed,
And we went, but then the servant caught me again,
In the courtyard I pulled him for what he burps,
"Do not worry, I did not beat" - a friend I lied. He deserves it!
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