01. Intro [Progressive Russian RAP]
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01. Kitchen entry
I feed the birds with his hands in the city ...
01. Word
A minimum of words to the wind,
I saw evil in the comments, ...
03. Sleeping areas
There are howling sirens at night
And the lilacs bloom, ...
05 - Assai - living Next
From the sky the sun melts the rocks,
At the last moment turning into smoke, ...
05. Autumn
These words in the alleys, good grief,
Charmed pairs, but I'm not going back. ...
05_V each of us
The commandments are, but obviously the temptations beckon brothers
Razik you look, tomorrow grams it is not too much, ...
06 - Assai - Southern Dreams
I saw dolphins in the distance, remember?
Are you sad, and said: "I will tell ...
06. Under the sound of wheels feat. Sad (Nevsky beat)
Mourners asked to leave the car,
Bute destiny to go back, ...
07. Under the clouds (Air Freedom 2014)
So many different temptations,
Just break the jaws of them. ...
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