Krec – Sagittarius and Aquarius

Author: Krec
Name: Sagittarius and Aquarius

Song Lyrics

Bless Union Sagittarius and Aquarius,
I before anyone ever got up on his knees,
But more treasures of the earth, the whole universe
Smiling princess, my queen.

Sharp arrows apt arrows - right in the heart.
Escorted to the door, then I waited on the stairs,
Eagerly catching silhouette of the distant window,
Quietly whispered, "please do not turn off the light."
Believe me, not only cowards hide feelings
From the first class to the last course.
Back to the past and change anything
But our time is not stopped.
Leaving behind childhood and the beach,
I saw a light in the sky, but no one believed.
It was getting dark in the eyes, though the night was white,
Kralev cat on the roofs of the luxury hotels.
Knights invite the ladies to slow dance,
I stood to one side, staring unashamedly.
My address, areas, phone numbers,
Only history will be what we remember it.

Not at first sight, but to the last gasp
I believe in love, in us, in itself, I believe in God.
Spit on horoscopes and weather forecasts,
I am ready to tame the ocean, ready to conquer the waves.
To throw at your feet the petals of thousands of roses,
Thousands of times to repeat a thousand tender words.
As a pink dream in the morning does not leave a dream.
You need the stars? I can get them.
Give me just one night, or at least one hour
Knockin 'on Heaven, to get us to the happiness of you.
Principalities no me, you want to go away?
The house on the lake, where there is no one.
There I'll build a boat and give her your name,
The cozy cabin is all that is needed.
On it we have to go in warmer climates
For places with covers of magazines, which are dreaming.

Hold me, baby. I go to the bottom, hold me tight,
Keep a lifeline, because I almost drowned
The still waters of your eyes, swim at depth.
Forgetting for ten minutes on how to breathe.
To breathe, to live, and live to be near
With you one, a woman of my dreams.
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