kvas – Winnie the Pooh

Author: kvas
Name: Winnie the Pooh

Song Lyrics

Someone for some reason digs in the woods,
A silence portends storm.
That seemed a shaggy coat,
Someone someone will be there.

Rattles loudly on the ground metal,
Hryply roar rode on the bushes,
Flash, discharge sanctified us the dawn,
Here came the dying "Oink."

And at that same moment with all the news
In the forest a rumor.
The children have learned from my songs
As I flunked Piglet Winnie the Pooh.

He knows detsadovets, pupils, students,
That Medvedev - is not a good client.
Whether you're an elephant, or at least, if you want, whether a mole -
Know that you bear in times razderet

I knew a pig that trouble would come to her,
I believed firmly that friendship finds
There were hooves and corkscrew tail.
Yes, the bear is not so simple.

With friends we went hiking,
This, comrades, is not impossible to remember.
What happened between them - silence,
Where are you, kids hero, Piglet?

Hlopoet paw on puzu bear,
All you can eat if you just want to.
There was a pig and it's not -
Here you guys, for all answer.
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