laytL – Third Day of Darkness (4 Round Rap Olympics 2012)

Author: laytL
Name: Third Day of Darkness (4 Round Rap Olympics 2012)

Song Lyrics

An inquisitive type, writes articles on the world
Love is one - it is water, but in addition to the family
Thrust in the way and the goal itself puts himself
What would find answers, he gave himself entirely Affairs

And I'm so glad it's pretty hard to describe
It's about me, Captain of the underwater vessel
With friends on the edge, and built a small bathyscaphe
In vain climbed, said billions of surrendering himself

Glass bottom boat stood our
Tax tore the tower, we firmly stamped on
And finally, down into the darkness under water
Fish swirled on board, we nautilus campaign

It seems like the children were given ice cream
I am fascinated and everyone has seen on the face of my
A smile from ear to ear, yah me too much
Now boasting that the costs will only be to the detriment of us

This is my world, come to me even a marina
The third day of darkness, and he is my refuge

People cheered, right and left, they
The views of the gray crowd on our research boat
And to replace sick our goals authorities gave
A couple of difficult tasks for us in vain to touch the bottom

And it's time to rush at full speed
Get down to the water in front of our underwater vehicle
People stood in a row, look down and I am happy to
The second consecutive day the darkness descends mini bathyscaphe

Again darkness seized power on board
We are not scared day loan, and that the light was quenched in a fright
Shouted command: "STOP Even with a woman you are not mistaken!"
Shaking - pudding, all the work will be in vain Now

"I saw the city at the bottom!" - In response and they lowed
In a moment we landed on the beach
I was saddened and I then gave the floor itself
At least one, and a third time, but the perch there again

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