Levon – Let's start first

Author: Levon
Name: Let's start first

Song Lyrics

Let's start first story
All experienced the grief of love sea
Sotrёm a pencil eraser
And do not leave a trace
And let us together, together you and me
Short term and rare meeting
Forget about everything and will live on the new, forever
All nonsense, tears, hurt all in the past
Enough b courage, to remove all the burden

I want to be there,
I want to hug
At least a glance
And like a child screaming
I want to fly like a bird
The world you give
At dawn meeting
And I look forward to
Again the morning and thinking of you
This seems to me, or I'm in a dream
I embrace and whisper in his ear
"Baby, I love you"

Let's start first with a clean slate X3
Let's start first FIRST first X2

verse 2
I wish you were here
Protects its warmth with his eyes
Is that so, is that not a dream
Unnecessary thoughts just run away out
In my head ringing heartbeat becomes exact
My inspiration, satisfaction only your presence
Let's go together just right path

Yes, I believe in you my love
I beg you, believe, and you in me
Whatever happens next, I always
You will not leave my heart never
I will keep the memory of you always
Before the impossibility to keep oh yes!
Screamed loudly to be heard all
Again, the senses, the new top of vzlechu
My brain is full the whole crowd
I can not understand the cry of the soul, or just howling
Stop! Listen to the end, these verses
It's all for you this is nowhere
Unprecedented, unheard of a great love
And all boils and boils in my blood
I want to say only one phrase for you
Baby let's start with a clean slate
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