Lumen – 3 ways

Author: Lumen
Name: 3 ways

Song Lyrics

Time after midnight,
And I left three ways.
Not one a devil:
Where to walk, why go?
Lowered his hands,
Rose roots.
Coin for good luck,
Hand you never dёrnet.

The first way:
Sitting, waiting quietly.
Be calm stone,
Be absolutely peaceful.
Only the wind knows
How much force,
So as not to fall off the rails
And wait for fate beautifully.

The second choice to me:
Shake the dust break.
Sorry pier,
But I can not stay.
And fly, rush.
The uncertainty we.
And how simply freeze
They know the animals and us.

And about the third way
I do not say a word.
He is at everyone:
Once and done.
About how it's simple
Know the phone wires.
This third way
Will everything always always.
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