Lumen – Brod (cover Aquarium)

Author: Lumen
Name: Brod (cover Aquarium)

Song Lyrics

Where I was born, the main color was gray;
The sun was not distinguished from the moon.
Wherever I went, I always went to the north -
Because there is not and never have been invented on the other hand.

First Star said to me: "You're the first."
Wind taught me to walk alone.
So I'm still a little nervous -
When I say "See - happiness"
I look back and see a prison.

Time to cross this river ford,
It's time to go wading the river,
While you're on this side, you know yourself that you'll get,
Get up.
We pass the river ford.

Where I was born, everyone knew Kohl.
Nick was our best friend and friend.
Nick taught to drink wine, wine replaces me will,
A jasper stem replaced
Compass and lifeline

But on Sunday morning, we again go to the flock,
And we are blessed to multiply in the darkness;
Tenderness water safer all that I know,
But my body engineers told me to walk the earth.

Time to cross this river ford,
It's time to go wading the river.
If you want me to say a word, try to use your mouth,
Get up.
We pass the river ford
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