Lumen – Young children on the roofs of houses

Author: Lumen
Name: Young children on the roofs of houses

Song Lyrics

Little girl scared of one
And no reason not to hurry home
And she ran out to the porch and up
Little girl alone on the roof

High-rises, frozen hits
And through them toward the sunset breaks
He gives her a little miserable heat
She is so necessary, because she was waiting for ...

Young children on the roofs of houses
All streets, areas, districts, cities
Pull your hands toward the sun, catch heat
But here is the sun, the solution is gone ..

Young children rush home
Meet the dads out there, meet there mom
Little girl, where have you been?
But how to explain to them that not hvatet heat?

How to explain that their home and work
And real life only on Saturdays?
It is not necessary that the life
Mom, I want you always been there!
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