Lumen – passer

Author: Lumen
Name: passer

Song Lyrics

I stand in the shade and look at the car
Dusty Monsters, honking bus.
Rare people go into the ravine
Who walks with the dog, and who is just
Because of the house pokozalos moon mug,
But I do not care - I was just a passerby.

We stand with you at one stop
Hiding views usual tricks.
We used each other so much loved
Now pretend - not learned forgotten.
Yes, people are angry, and you think I'm too,
But I'm not a man - I'm just a passerby.

I stopped and thought, "Oh, my God!
Well as, well, as, well, what, what is it?
How in the world the same or similar
Indifferent bastards -
Just passers-by. "
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