Lumen – Prohozhiй (neizdannoe)

Author: Lumen
Name: Prohozhiй (neizdannoe)

Song Lyrics

I stand in the shade and look at the machine:
 Dusty Monsters, honking bus.
 Rare people go into the darkness:
 Who walks with the dog, and someone just like that.
 Because of the house seemed moon mug,
 But I do not care: I'm just a passerby.

 We stand with you at one stop:
 Hiding views usual tricks.
 Previously, we loved each other much,
 Now pretend not know, forgotten.
 Yes, people are angry, and you think I'm too!
 But I'm not a man - I'm just a passerby!

 I stopped and thought, "Oh, my God!
 Well, how? Well, how? Well? Well?
 How in the world the same or similar:
 Indifferent bastards, passers ... passers ... passers ... "
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