Lumen – [The most important person (unpublished)]

Author: Lumen
Name: [The most important person (unpublished)]

Song Lyrics

The most important person -
The one who can love,
The one who can protect,
Who wants to be next.
The most important person -
Who can love,
Whom do you want to protect,
Anyone who stands next to be.

Be for me the most important,
Be for me the most light,
Otherwise, I will burn
And I will scatter the ashes of gray ...

She once again banned
I fall into someone else's dirt.
I would like to go short,
But I was told: "No Not laz ...!"
I - a simple follower,
I do not want to love to play.
It is so much evil,
And we can just know:

You became for me the most important,
You became to me the most light,
And I'll be anyone,
But I will not be gray ash ash ...
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