Lumen – Shesty Miliardov

Author: Lumen
Name: Shesty Miliardov

Song Lyrics

We are constantly pushing each other to the edge
Becoming blind on a narrow bridge
Unnamed pawn ridiculous game

It is unclear why, but always on duty
She teaches children, he drives the bus
We play, you hear? us with warmer
But no one knows what to do with all this
We - six billion people living alone

Let me land
I want to be blown away, I want to be a bird
I need more, you need above
Let me hear the earth ...?

Few people know why he lives
We are afraid to admit it to each other
We are all very much and often fear,
Repeating the same error circle.
In the world of Internet and smsok,
We hid behind nicknames, and all in all okay
But no one can say what the real life
We - six billion people living alone
No need to feel sorry that it happened all
Life is beautiful and everything is in our hands
Let's believe first, and then check
What's true in deeds and not in words

Look at friends and strangers
On a starry sky, a string of lights
And maybe among the six billion
It will become less lonely people
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