Lumen – Shadow

Author: Lumen
Name: Shadow

Song Lyrics

Not leaving a trace,
Go through someone's life
Vague shadow quietly
And the fire burn itself out
Without the right to then.
I'm in someone's life a scar,
I'm in someone's life spring
And for someone genius for someone stump
But it's not about you,
And in your life, I just ...

Shadow ... The Shadow ... The Shadow ... The Shadow ...

Not leaving a trace,
Yes, I agree, I've been ready
Being in the moment of your life,
The short and vague cry.
And passing through the doors re-born,
Constantly confused day and night
And, continuing to beat my head against the wall,
Stay under the sign of your life ...

The shadow ... Shadow ... just a shadow ... Shadow ...

Shadow ... not leaving a trace,
The shadow ... Yes, I agree, I've been ready,
Shadow ... Being in your life is only a moment,
Shadow ... short and vague cry ...
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