Lumen – Your path

Author: Lumen
Name: Your path

Song Lyrics

Digest with Druganov that rattle glasses,
They all know how to fourteen years for yourself:
Someone for whom that how much, face brick -
I was born an old hand.
But all the answers and marks
No promise of summer
Bear River beer, you were there, but where are you?
Bear River beer, but you are already at the bottom
Not gurgles about what truth is in wine

Did he give happiness your way?
Once you have learned.
And I do not, is long gone, long time do not care about your
Attempts to ignore the desires of others around.
And if so you want to, go through life without love - I do not care about you!

The honor and pride of their ancestors
You often they pleased.
You read so much, answer accurately
The gilded frame on Dad's desk
Colors bright poppies your shiny new diploma
But all the answers and marks
No promise of summer
In pursuit of a career-forgotten sense of proportion
I licked a little bit here, tomorrow there Framed
You're probably in a hurry upstairs on someone's head
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