Lumen – Teeth

Author: Lumen
Name: Teeth

Song Lyrics

It's time to throw off the burden of
An empty promise as extra clothes
In the distant corners of throw in the spring,
And forget about it until it was snowing ...

I like good ideas in their captivity
I became almost a slave, and surrounded by people
Who do not care that someone builds
Here we are all accustomed to a break, one hand washes ...

In my ears, beat drums
And in my head sounded appealingly pipe
I waited too long, hoping for a miracle
During this time I began to have teeth!
Big evil teeth!

Time passes, only sharper teeth
And I found the answer to the question "How much?"
Yes, more than a second, a single moment
I fucked your patience last night.

I say goodbye to the past, and it fires ZhSU
I am the same shaky voice, but I am now with the teeth!
While not get better as long as a ray of hope
Not calm the pack, we have become ...
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