Lumen – Star (in parts, 2012)

Author: Lumen
Name: Star (in parts, 2012)

Song Lyrics

My star with me
My love my sorrow
My star with me
my shining distance
and do not care, do not get it
All life in the pursuit of you
I still go forward
and that means I'm alive (2 times)

Someone looking through a telescope
someone looking at the screen
living day by day
in search of stars
and I lit my dream
and it is a very warm light
it warms in the cold
and therein


Yes, I forgot it
Yes, I betrayed her
turning away left - she lights after
I have done so much harm
but still she returned to her
and I decided once and for all its beautiful light

among the thousands of people I'm all alone
standing in the rain withering without water
I jumped up and down and it was so funny
I do not want to reach for the stars

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