Lumen (neizdannoe) – Echo

Author: Lumen (neizdannoe)
Name: Echo

Song Lyrics

I was forced to flutter,
When I woke up the next day,
When I again plunged
There, where it was necessary to lie.

Hello people,
I left the house
When it is not clear,
Throw me the stones ...
It does not take me
No damage,
I do not care
He opened his shutters.

I walked through the rain, and the rain was ashamed
Because we do not know each other.
I walked through the rain, and everyone can see,
Everyone was dirty everyone was hurt.

Somewhere high in the sky
Sear body
And frozen poultry
Among the clouds.
Somewhere in the mud
I swore deception
And the people looked
Through the shackles of the window!
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