lyudmila andreeva – Giraffe (st.N.Gumilёva)

Author: lyudmila andreeva
Name: Giraffe (st.N.Gumilёva)

Song Lyrics

Today, I see especially sad your opinion
And your hands especially thin, embracing your knees.
Listen: far, far away, on Lake Chad
He roams giraffe.

His gracefulness and bliss given,
And his hide adorned with a magical pattern,
With that dares to be only the moon,
Fractions and rocking on the wide lake moisture.

From afar he resembles the colored sails of the ship,
And his gait is smooth as the joyful flight of the bird.
I know that a lot of wonderful sees land,
When at sunset he hides in a marble grotto.

I know the merry fairy tales of mysterious lands
About the black maiden, a young leader of the passion,
But you too long inhaled the heavy mist,
You do not want to believe in something other than rain.

And I'll tell you about a tropical garden,
About slender palm trees, the scent of inconceivable herbs ..
You are crying? Listen ... Daleko, on Lake Chad
He roams giraffe.
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