lyudvig van bethoven – soon Agatita

Author: lyudvig van bethoven
Name: soon Agatita

Song Lyrics

It does not become Stalin, Stakhanov more to the machine will not rise.
More Anna Herman will sing us a new hit,
Just more than a fag drochat guitar, rap read what that gopota.
I would like to go to China, but there is not enough food.
I remember in the 91-m band of a fag in the white house singing Beatles
And tanks dicks sucked at the time, then the parliamentary debate.
Supreme Council of the 93 th shot.
The country destroyed, Misha won the Nobel Prize.
But Sakharov praying Jews, now they want to learn from Lenin's mausoleum.
Lousy younger generation, around rappers in Novosibirsk.
And I look forward to nuclear winter would rather all these fag burned.
Pussy all of them - said to me boxing coach.
But now it is a series, as the series about Yesenin.
Around pussy only, the terms of some rappers chase leather needle in anal ???
Rokot launch site can not be heard, such as Chrome by fag mouths mouth with bolt
And they went to fashion ???
Chubais electricity off temporarily.
There's coat lads in Merino, bolts swallow quite confident.

I joined the Communist Party, Zyuganov told me - rapping.
I'm doing a track for track, but what else pidarok micro win.
I did not hear the spaceport, but homeless people hang out in the subway.
Where is my working people in the country once the developed socialism
Scene Sausage Pidorka licked. Comrade Stalin, pray for us!
When dying the country until the end is not yet finished off, especially insulting to ??? fag.
Kill them 10-20, kill them slowly, new alliances, it is not a secret for anybody.
And Peter fag, clubs bounce.
Where the revolutionary sailors? Violence late homosexual in pink in the mouth take immediately.
Who ??? fucking in the ace, he is a master.
Dream that was produced by them would Alibasov. Fag are different,
But like you, I have not seen for a long time, since the days of Yuri Antonov.
And then they hide their orientation. Bay of 10-20.
New alliances, it's not a secret for anybody.
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