lyumen (Lumen) – 90 is

Author: lyumen (Lumen)
Name: 90 is

Song Lyrics

Somewhere in the twenty years began to grow old,
Changed the brass knuckles on guns.
White roses killed in the snow,
The word fuck you teach in the video recorder.
Funny mess, then high, then the pain
Your red jacket proedenny eaten.
Pour amaretto, I drink this stuff
For those in whom more blood remained.

And for fun, for fun
The chip fell under someone else.
In his pocket, and in the heart of a big desert
We like the wood for the large fireplace.
Borrow my place, an example of my price.
Take my hand, squeeze my vein.
If you're still alive, too,
I will be happy to share for two.

Someone faster, and someone higher up,
Someone yearns for the torn roof.
Some shepherds, and someone passes,
Himself not wishing him at risk.
Someone carries, and someone carried away,
He will not ask for himself nothing.
Someone is going to last flight.
Good evening, Moscow. Salaam-Maleykum, New York.
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