˜”*°•m.s•°*”˜ mister kredo – Crying Asia

Author: ˜”*°•m.s•°*”˜ mister kredo
Name: Crying Asia

Song Lyrics

Somewhere far off high
Somewhere beyond the seas wide
Where the snow falls on Bosko
Crying Asia!
Where as the bird flew soul
I told the wise Pasha
Not only left nothing at this fantasy

Crying Asia - a distant fairyland,
Crying Asia
And saxaul, hookah and teahouse -plachet Asia
No longer there its magic smoke -plachet Asia
And the tears pouring under the blue sky - Asia crying.
No more gandzhubasa and wine - Asia crying.
No girl beautiful as the moon - crying Asia
And dying in front of me
Save it Allah!

Golden dunes radiant,
River mountain clean, clean,
And humped camels are fast,
Why should we in the desert motor.
Chests our full, complete,
Our wife's life happy,
Our village - it is a fabulous paradise!
Wai! Wai! Wai! Come stay for a while!
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