♔ mayra – shave beard

Author: ♔ mayra
Name: shave beard

Song Lyrics

Do you really think the beard suits you?
Short bristles Lo Che need to kid,
You imagined yourself with Osama bin Laden or the homeless?
Where are you at war? Or so purely neighing?
Maybe you're from the east, then the questions asked,
But the Slavs with a beard is really nonsense,
Whether pop, or GOP, or a cop, or who the bearded shmuck?
Bomzhik or real boss?
Whoa whoa whoa this new stile,
Here you tell the incubator not be tired?
A third of this grows a beard,
Scaring lovely ladies walking around the city,
think for rabbit Stethema with bush,
It's just not a fighter but Count Cousteau Marine,
21st century boys were crazy,
Schitina dye your kid instead of a beard ...
Do you have a beard and I'll tell you:
Shaved muzhichek,
Schitina color boy and not a beard. (So that yes)
When a guy with schitinoy, this is cool so
Or even without it, beautiful like Tupac,
beard came into fashion when both the IGO,
They were like clones of all my friends,
over time it has become commonplace at all,
As the chorus of Chinese, Gan opa gam Style,
Fedor went without a beard,
And yet in the ring rozdaval f ... s,
I love hip hop hip hop and RNB,
I vpiraet savory bass and juicy bits
(I vpirayut boys without beards)
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