(minus) irina allegrova i grigoriy leps – Angel tomorrow

Author: (minus) irina allegrova i grigoriy leps
Name: Angel tomorrow

Song Lyrics

At the hour when my house is surrounded by rain
And, as before, lying dreams,
I hear in my sleep, like for me again
The sky pours tears.

And it is quiet evening,
But will fly into the wind window.
And then in the midnight silence
You will enter to me.

You come save me,
And I hear your footsteps.
You come save me,
Angel tomorrow.
Angel tomorrow.

And when dawn in the brightest color
Razrisuy silk sky
I'll go with you for their own destiny,
Believing her blindly.

Give me your hand,
And gave each other
Flame heart and the fire of the soul,
Night, day and life.

Chorus 2nd time.

Do not leave me,
Do not leave,
Angel tomorrow.
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