misha_spid – And I want and I want to go again ...

Author: misha_spid
Name: And I want and I want to go again ...

Song Lyrics

Wah daragoy where you run,
Wah home, but where are you going speschish
I'll climb your roof,
And I'll be your pipe sway

And I want a huchu again
On the roof of the pipe run and sway.
I Adidas in your basement sewed
And in the mouth you I shawarma gested

Youth with Respect here gledyat
Because I Ashot Trubaschat!
I climb on the house in the morning and schatat
Your fragile pipe

I came to your Moscow chumodan,
I'm Dumal Dzhigarkhanyan,
But not for me to choose professions
He was famous for a word: "I have tube schatat"

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