mixed by Dj Gvozd – Untitled

Author: mixed by Dj Gvozd
Name: Untitled

Song Lyrics

for a long time, I do not remember how many years have passed
Was it my as if. I thought so,
but not yet
Distance and time shared our souls
No one knew then,
as the more is better.
We lived just like everyone else, were floating down the river
I remember our meetings value. So then came the evening
When I met her
my princess look pierced me like a bullet
For hundreds of thousands of miles I can not find anywhere else so
Day number two. She goes with me
Around Prospect blooms
The sun's rays in us your gift sends.
Relationship on the rise.
But as always
nothing lasts forever
Destiny anything as she planned a long time ago
Leaving for another city
middle of the night an urgent
No coordinates, not to send a letter by mail
Separation as always the job done accurately.

That dream I once had a
I will not forget for ever,
I'll remember the character that appeared in front of me
It was the one I was looking for all my life
But I do not know
As it happens on planet Earth.
Who knows
it can wait for him in this life
And so I did not know at the moment
what awaits me
But nonetheless
I swam like a river without knowing the direction
I could do a lot, but lacked inspiration
Suddenly a sunbeam in the dark, like it appeared
at once
and I saw
that met the missing element
My soul.
As if the air on the planet
And I heard those sounds fabulous
Stunned me from all sides
How to silence the ringing of the magic
It reminds me of that,
that there is still an angel on earth,
that he is close to me.
How I did wish it was a dream ...
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