mori – prose

Author: mori
Name: prose

Song Lyrics

Look like pouring rain
As this mixture of substances stores information
Rain knows everything
Rain knows everything
But still beautiful Russian
It is know when to move from city to city
Outside the cities, our country is beautiful
It will be sad if in these places it is stained
I envy you two birds in the sky, you are free, and I am a prisoner of my mind
Got it into his head garbage unreal
And now I live this garbage

Sometimes I am pleased with the mirror
Although I do not know if they show the truth or something distorted
Sometimes I do not believe the mirror
Apparently, I do not believe yourself or a

Damir said that I think too much about death, something is wrong
Perhaps he is right
But it's too late to change anything
And anyway, with me there is always something wrong
In general, I do not feel sorry
Man destroys himself. As one, or all together, time helps him
A bunch of individuals all.
And all this will be over soon, if the mind does not win
However, what kind of mind can be discussed
If you look at me, with the individual's point of view
Not on the individual, and the individual
But in reality, not all as bad as it seems at first glance
What overcast sky. Terrific!
Who would call it boring is wrong
Here now ...
Such emotions can even cause a completely clear sky
Maybe I loved the autumn?
Apparently, in the minds occurred or will occur some transition
If so popular with the transitional times of the year
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