mura beats – alhimik

Author: mura beats
Name: alhimik

Song Lyrics

Close on the course I went to the station
here it is life to us surprises
if only I had known, I would draw sketches
I know you know I know you remember
word phrases in them you drown
you ask where you are behind kilometers
my cold feeling there has long been empty
my weird phrases would explode then immediately
at the sight of this meeting much easier
yet they lesson in my book written
then a clean sheet and he has not used up
and you move over a little catch on
I sit down next to listen to the truth
let's forget all forget these nights
let's forget this summer and last fall
let dabudem about bo all and just uydёm

My ears in the underground it is useful to listen
behind bridges but they have not yet unfinished
I see this time, we should not have nothing to
sky beautiful bird of thought can not sleep
I saw different people in life surprises
koropke in the envelope you have a drink some water
I skazhdym udevlyayus time and look nazhizn
and I wonder to remain a spectator here
my biletek proplacheno sevodnya cry
otherwise than as here valyuchiki zdachi
Wind passers me out of it again
I look for good luck here paid for the whole world
I muzoyu erase these songs together
I came back here I'm torn from the start
I see the light, I had the map

I'm angry cat among the gray buildings
you're here with me until we get tired
Do you remember all that I was all that there pomnb
troubled history here podoshol end

My two roads the way I have not much
I threw a stone in the past and I do not Trochu
we are a step higher, we hear, and breathe
behind the houses I see the clouds that day polutshe
you thought that the light has long been extinguished in the inside
You know, I brought a little girlfriend
you slyshesh chromosomal sevodnya this rhythm
we have so many words, we will collect them together
so many things it is likely to lutshe
Many of the changes for this hot time
padavlenie pressure thoughts execution
Thank you patience and fuck me a break
I'm not used to sit the thoughts in my panstsire
I'm here again where gray clouds
me life is not boring life teaches tsiplyaet
so you probably even s top ..
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