mura beats – cigarets

Author: mura beats
Name: cigarets

Song Lyrics

One in a million then reaches peaks
In the city where cars go brainless
The rapid pace of releasing into the sky of smoke
What would you have felt all the unbearable breathing

Equanimity showing will love doing worse
Seeing reflected in muddy puddles begin to listen
Mad hunger pouring vodka mug
All together, we need to live raskazyvaya

Maybe something know, maybe you're one of them
Can we show the paradise can ad the top peaks
Myzhe, mouse, together fyzhim above the roof, we know not jump
Zai is a sketch of the life of the so-sheets

And count up, they melt like us stuns
And the days of thaw
Melts memory
But let's drag this life because no one forbids!

Peace in the half!
Come zapolovinim
And stretch for three exhaling nicotine
Narisum scarlet flowers among graves

Cheto choking! A lump in his throat will then shower
YOU vyplyuvuy as quickly as possible why you need it
You machine you're a robot for waste
House work, home work and vsgo just a hobby

In life, you have found cell fate say
How to visit the garbage before and after you
Claiming tezhe thoughts about one in a million
How cocks turned out that he won!

The man did not get apgreyd
In the world people are alike
Three minutes to the end
Let's tighten for three nicotine
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