♣na edine♣ – Let's forget

Author: ♣na edine♣
Name: Let's forget

Song Lyrics

again in unison, no, it's just a dream
me again incurred for the horizon
You darkened the already gray tones
around only darkness, but alas, you're in it alone now
Let's tell the world that our senses avalanche
about this damn virus where are you my half
let me not impressed by the better run in the wind
leave puschim poets all questions unanswered
let's leave this world whims
because we have long ceased to put meaning into it
let's forget that we were so expensive
both tried not slept that I again uporotyh
but if I go on hot coals
the alleys painfully reminding you
and every centimeter of the metropolis breathes thee
but you own it all in my heart burnt out

I stuck in there somewhere
between the edge of the horizon and the skies
between sunset and crimson your hair
where the clouds float on lips

I got stuck somewhere between a dream come true and
where the river sail, but still we are looking for a paddle
and what later? we will wander on the beach
if the blades on a vein in it nobody would believe
What now? smoldering ashes in the fireplace
It cools lonely old piano
henceforth there will be nothing in this world is native
took with them the remains of the past, as well as planned
this city is saturated with you .....
from each edge of the street to the bridge on the ring
I'm somewhere near you dispersing morning mist
I am looking for you through the clouds that float on lips
noooooo .... with me and so pretty
The end of history is too often lost in the background
pathetic tantrums, including mono and stereo
among groaning in bed, only time lost in vain
probably it was only a game
because of the total we only left with nothing
if love is wealth, I rogue
stop the polemics disappear out
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