ne popsa – Winter - cold (Andrei Gubin)

Author: ne popsa
Name: Winter - cold (Andrei Gubin)

Song Lyrics

Strange dreams a strange spring
I see I see you day and night again.
We met in the middle of winter,
But one friend could not you do not know.
Cold nights, loneliness days-
All have long forgotten and gone nowhere.
Together we will be much warmer,
Even if the window again cold.
Oh-oh-oh, everything that has been passed,
Snow tracks covered with snow forever.

Winter, cold, lonely house,
Sea city - all as ice.
But soon the spring, the snow melts and then
Behind the white wall we'll stay with you.

The wind sweeps up your tracks
But you can not hide in the castle empty.
Hear steps? Is the pace of the spring.
This means that soon we will be together.
Oh-oh-oh, the wind beating at the window,
Where are we now do not know anybody.


Winter, winter, winter ...
Cold, cold ...
Spring, spring ...
I am alone, you're alone ...
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