neznayk@ – We ... [bad record] [Rap Volna]

Author: neznayk@
Name: We ... [bad record] [Rap Volna]

Song Lyrics

You razdaёsh leaflets, standing on the pavement.
And I'm somewhere out there, trying to reach his mother ...
When you have a holiday, I was not up to the fun !!!
Well, maybe in a park anywhere on the park.
We only meet once, and can at all times.
I can tell you with a clean slate?
everything from scratch spontaneously like a shrub.
Of course I understand that this is not so ...
I just think that love is like darkness.
You stand alone and does not even remember
And I'm sitting on a chair in thought and by Hashem.
Let's start with you from scratch ,.
I ask you, you look in his eyes.
It's true, you need me one,
You're the only one one in a million, and I the other,
I'm just someone who writes rhymes to match.
Let's forget all the insults, all the memories!
Recall when they were breaking up tight ...
Sorry for the tears that dripped with your eyes,
He was guilty but I did not realize it was a trans ...

When or whether we wake up together,
Remembering how to put on a relationship tests.
Among the seven million, I have only you nashol
Love at first sight there is garbage.
it all started? how it was?
plus to minus, and just everything sparkled.
Do not let go until death do us part.
The stars in the sky above us, ie for us,
Yes, someday, splits all the earth.
If you do not leave, I will not leave you.
If you tell me to change-not here to get me.
If that is wrong, you tell me, I corrected.
Now listen to me, "is not worth shedding tears!"
On a cold morning when rising, scarlet dreams.
I came down from heaven, when he realized one
You probably all for me ... (probably all)
But my dynasty was overthrown, I was left alone.
Among the rain that does not equip - not one.
It was a moment you left, left the track.
I received a sign you're gone, I do not mean for you
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